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Petland has it all
The Petland store of Topeka carries a wide range of pets - adoptable mixed breeds and register-able puppies and kittens, fish, birds, reptiles and small animals. In addition to hundreds of finned, furry and feathered friends, the Petland store of Topeka offers upwards of 6,000 pet supplies, all designed to enhance the health and comfort of each pet and to maximize the quality of the relationship between the pets and their owners.

"We are dedicated to building community ties with residents of Topeka who love pets as much as we do." - Staci Williams, Petland Store Owner

Pets make life better
Studies of the human-animal bond, like those conducted by the Delta Society, show pet ownership increases social and verbal skills in children, reduces stress in adults and provides companionship for senior citizens while lowering blood pressure.

"Animal lovers can come into our Petland store and touch, talk and play with the animals." - Lance Williams, Petland Store Owner

Visit the Petland Party Room
Does your child love animals? Would you like to add puppies, kittens, reptiles, and other small animal visitations to your next birthday party? The Petland Party Room offers a party package that takes care of the planning, plates, napkins, cups, and even the cake! There are several animal themes to choose from and we do all the setup, decorating, and clean-up!

Petland Topeka
2139 SW Fairlawn Plaza Drive
Topeka, KS 66614
Phone:  785-272-8900
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